Retirement Planning Survey

About You

Please rank each item below from 1 - 5 (1 - greatest concern to 5 - least concern).

Pre and Post Retirement Planning

Stressing about getting started and the planning process
Having enough to do in retirement
Maintaining a comfortable lifestyle
Deciding where to live after or later in retirement
Creating and maintaining a realistic budget
Incurring large unanticipated future expenses
Holding sufficient cash reserves
Needing or wanting to work but unable
Preserving a lifetime of financial independence
Wanting to not burden family later in life
Knowing when to claim Social Security
Other (Describe below)

Economic and Market Concerns

Going through a severe market downturn during retirement
Worrying about the overall direction of the economy
Taking distributions during high market volatility
Dealing with income and assets that cannot keep pace with rising costs (inflation)
Encountering poor government policy decisions that negatively impact your plan
Growing concerns about Social Security or other entitlement sustainability
Other (Describe below)

Other Retirement Risks

Outliving your money
Experiencing negative returns early in retirement (sequence of returns risk)
Increasing income and other tax rates (i.e., property, sales, gas, etc.)
Owning assets that cannot easily be converted into cash
Providing adequate income for a surviving spouse
Preparing for potential future long term care needs and expenses
Facing rising health care and prescription drug costs
Overspending and potential long-term consequences
Other (Describe below)

Legacy Planning

Passing sufficient assets to your loved ones
Providing for someone specific prior to or following death
Leaving your home to your children
Keeping your estate plans up to date
Designing a gifting program for your favorite charities, education...
Making a positive impact on everyone around you
Having a sense of purpose in retirement
Ensuring that your values, stories, life lessons and family traditions are passed on to others
Other (Describe below)

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