Life Transitions

About You

In each section, consider the life event or transition and indicate whether you are currently experiencing, expect to experience in the short to mid-term, or, anticipate experiencing in the long-term future.

Work Life Transitions

1 Change in career path
2 New job
3 Promotion
4 Job loss
5 Job restructure
6 Education / retraining
7 Sell or close business
8 Transfer family business
9 Gain a business partner
10 Lose a business partner
11 Downshift / simplify work life
12 Sabbatical / leave of absence
13 Start or purchase a business
14 Retire
15 Phase into retirement
16 Other

Financial Life Transitions, Part I

1 Purchase a home
2 Sell a home
3 Relocate
4 Purchase a vacation home / timeshare
5 Re-evaluate investment philosophy
6 Experience investment gain
7 Experience investment loss
8 Debt concerns
9 Consider investment opportunity
10 Receive inheritance or financial windfall
11 Sell assets
12 Other

Financial Life Transitions, Part II

1 Change in marital status (marriage)
2 Change in marital status (divorce)
3 Change in marital status (widowhood)
4 Expecting or adopting a child
5 Hire child care
6 Child entering adolescence
7 Child with special needs
(Disabilities, medical/dental problems)
8 Child w/pre-college expenses
(private school, tutor, lessons)
9 Child going to college
10 Child getting married
11 Empty nest
12 Family special event
(Bat/Bar Mitzvah, anniversary party, trip)
13 Helping and/or gifting grandchildren
14 Concern about aging parent
15 Concern about health of spouse / partner or child
16 Family member needs caregiving
17 Concern about personal health
18 Provide for long-term care
(parent, spouse/partner, or self)
19 Disability / hospitalization
(self or family member)
20 Death of family member
21 Other

Legacy Life Transitions

1 Increase charitable giving
2 Give special financial gifts
(to children / grandchildren)
3 Give parental pension
(monthly stipend)
4 Develop an estate plan
5 Change estate plan
6 Develop an end of life plan
7 Other

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